Her walk Her talk Her laugh Her summer freckles on her nose Her smile Her thoughts Her laugh Her ability to keep me on my toes Her jokes Her wit Her laugh Her ability to be a lioness to take on all foes That is the sexiest thing in the world Advertisements

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Sexy French lace

Spring Sexy white lace pressed against the door frame. Breasts pressed into the door frame. Her left leg, rises, heel to derrière, showing off her white stiletto. Wow. My heart fluttered. Sunshine flowed across the floor and over her derrière. Her eyes glanced, She smiles seductively, I can’t resist. I waltz over, Hard, Strong, I […]

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My first sexy story

My hands continue to move up and down and my mouth moves towards your ears, and begin to nibble on the lobes whilst you begin to smile and close your eyes. You hear me breathing in deep long breaths that remind you of the ocean and your hands start to move against my thighs, my […]

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My first sexy Brazilian poem

My hand glides across your cheek, Our eyes lock, My boca touches your boca and our tongues entwine, A warm wave washes over our bodies as we lay on the empty beach, Nothing to protect us against the elements apart from each other, Your hips grind against mine You feel the wetness building, You feel […]

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